Moving Feet "Structure & Function"


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Uli Förg is an Advanced Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner, certified by the European Rolfing Association for more than 20 years. He was the first chairman of the " Rolfing Verband Deutschland" and works in München / Germany. His work is deeply influenced by Hubert Godard, Dr. Robert Schleip, Dr. Peter Schwind and various Advanced Teachers. Classical Rolfing is his determination as he sees himself in a direct line to Dr. Ida Rolf. Moving Feet “ Structure & Function”.
In this workshop we will work with the structure and movement of the feet and legs.
An important focus will be “body reading”. We will detect patterns of moving and
clear ideas about how to improve the structure, and there with, movement for the daily practice.
Grip and grasp will be important as well as helping our self to "under STAND" and improve our own feet and our walking pattern.

Uli Förg
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